Message From Andrew

“I am proud to live in Montgomery County and as I always say diversity is one of our strengths. Even with the diversity, we have a common goal to improve our future generations and strive to achieve world-class educational standards for the whole county.  We are making every effort in the county to protect the neediest people and eliminate homelessness and food insecurity. We need to protect our environment, invest in the arts and humanities, and ensure that we live in a safe place.

However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are no longer where we used to be and need to make some difficult decisions in the future in order to overcome new challenges.   We have to now make belt-tightening decisions that will affect a lot of people in this county. Not only do we continue to grow, but we also continue to change.”

Meet Andrew

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Andrew Einsmann and I am running for County Council District 7 seat.  I have either lived in or near the district for almost 19 years and I have lived in Montgomery County my whole adult life.   I grew up in Prince William County, Virginia in a Catholic family with two brothers and sisters.  I still attend St. Francis today.  I graduated from William and Mary with a degree in Chemistry and then went to the U.S. Peace Corps in Jamaica for 18 months before landing here in Montgomery County.

When I first came to Montgomery County, I started in the Biotech world and work there for about 6 years.  I worked nights waiting tables when a client that I provided exceptional service to asked me to join his Commercial Real Estate.  From there, I segwayed into residential real estate where I still am today.

Throughout my life, I have lived by my Rotary Motto, “Service Above Self.”  When I was a kid, I helped wheelchair-bound people get to church and was a member of many different service organizations.  In College, I volunteered with Special Olympics and other service organizations.  As an adult in Montgomery County, I have been the President of two different HOAs, two different Rotary Clubs, and have been a head coach of many different soccer teams over the past 20 years.  I have always strived to provide service to my community and the people around me to help make them the best that they can be.

I am a political outsider.  The reason I am doing this is for you.  I want to bring coalitions together to move this county in a direction where our kids will want to raise their kids in this county.  I want to bridge divides and have us come together to work on the challenges of the 21st century.  I would like to think that I am a listener.  Over this campaign, I will listen to you my constituents, to help district 7 become what we want it to become and create an inclusive environment

If elected Andrew Einsmann’s major focuses would be the following:

My vision for the County is to retain it as being one of the wealthiest and highly educated counties in the nation but lately, we have been slipping.  Montgomery County needs to be a place that is able to create jobs and make it so that it is economically viable for all people. The disparity in income in the County has grown over the past twenty years which has created new challenges.

While some recognize these economic shifts, not everyone is willing to acknowledge that the County has changed. Everyone has their own perception of what our County is, or how they would like it to be. Our future depends on clear forward-thinking. We can not stay focused on the glory days of the past but focus on policies that will allow this county to be a leader through the rest of the 21st century and potentially beyond.  We can not rest on the accomplishments of the past but must go forward and create new opportunities for recent high school and college graduates to become a more inclusive county.  To do so, I will work to strengthen those things we do right and scrap those things that have not served us well or have outlived their useful lifespan. I will look for innovative ideas to address the needs of our entire community and identify metrics to ensure that we are using taxpayer dollars wisely.

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