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Reviving our robust economy is crucial to our success through individual jobs and the tax revenue necessary to support our County. We need to come out of this pandemic as a Phoenix ready to attract more private sector business. Here are things I will look at:

  • Provide access to the resources residents and local businesses need to recover from the pandemic.
  • Reclaim Montgomery County’s preeminence in the BioTech Industry.  Attract companies to come and innovate  by working with the Economic Development department to attract and retain more growing dynamic companies. We have many programs but we need to advertise them more to keep scientists who are inventing new medicines in the county.
  • Increase attraction and retention efforts to bring more businesses and jobs to our Upcounty district.
  • Foster a climate where entrepreneurs can create, thrive, and scale their businesses here in Montgomery County.
  • Attract more alternative fuel and environmentally friendly companies that can innovate her as well as protect our planet.
  • Make sure gig workers and other workers that get paid below minimum wage get their fair wages.
  • Increase incentives for public servants so that we have fully staffed police, fire and schools for the future