Vocational Scholarships

Vocational Scholarships
There are about 20% of Montgomery County High School Graduates that are not prepared for either college, the work force or life in general.  We need to do more.  I will propose a $300,000 scholarship fund that will try to identify 1000 graduates that can take vocational education training courses, get certified and get a career in a vocation such as welding, plumbing, hvac repair as well as a lot of other careers. Partnering with organizations such as Future Link, we can monitor their progress and pull help end the poverty cycle. We can help them secure funding later in their careers so they can start their own company.  I am positive that this program will more then pay for itself.  We have to do better at bring solutions to problems that face this county.
Vote Andrew Einsmann District 7 County Council  Democratic Primary July 19th
Authorized by Friends of Andrew Einsmann, Ann Einsmann, Treasurer

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