Workforce Housing

Workforce Housing
Montgomery County needs to make sure our workers have a place to live while our developers are still making a profit. The county is roughly 20,0000 units short of what we need to everyone who wants to buy a home to buy that home.  More people everyday that we want to live in Montgomery County are moving to Frederick. We have to stop this migrations but building more affordable housing.
 We have to make sure development is a win for all involved.  Increasing workforce housing is essential.  Building on the Wmata land near all the Metros is essential.  We need to increase the amount of workforce house that developers build but reducing the impact fees for this houses.  When housing is built densely, it provides a stronger tax base and will reduce the need to raise taxes elsewhere.
Vote Andrew Einsmann District 7 County Council  Democratic Primary July 19th
Authorized by Friends of Andrew Einsmann, Ann Einsmann, Treasurer

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