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We are proud to say that this campaign is people-powered.  We started this campaign to hear your voice and have your voice heard and you have rewarded me as a certified publicly funded Candidate.  We raised the money in record time but the  State took twice as long 8 weeks to approve my status.  We still need more funds in the final push to the elections.  Please click Donate and help out.  Here is the public matching chart.  As you can see your money will go a long way if you donate.  Even $5 goes far. 

How your donation is matched

$5 donation = A donation of $25

$25 donation = A donation of $125

$50 donation = A donation of $250

$100 donation = A donation of $450

$150 donation = A donation of $600

$250 donation = A donation of $700

  • Individuals can only donate a maximum of $250. Contributions from PAC’s, corporations, political parties, and unions are prohibited. Only contributions from Montgomery County residents will be matched from the Fund.
  • The public match for County Council candidates is 4x for the first $50, 3x for the second $50, and 2x for next $50. Donations above $150 are not matched.

Voting has Already Started

Mail-in Ballots were received by voters as early as June 13th and people have already voted.  Early in-person voting goes from July 7th-14th. Election day and hopefully results will be available on July 19th. YOUR VOICES MATTERS!!!!   Please vote.


How can you help get the people’s voices heard?  We are knocking on doors daily.  The goal is to reach 100 people every day via doorknocking.  We are starting up a virtual phone bank.  You can get a list of prospective voters and give them a call to get out their vote.  You can host an event.  You can host signs and put them up at the polls on election day.  There is a lot to do in the next 30 days to win this campaign. 

GUN SENSE Candidate

This campaign secured the status as a Gun sense candidate.  We are fully committed to common-sense gun laws with the purpose of ending gun violence.  We have a gun problem in this country and too many people who want to harm innocent people have access to these guns. Now is the time to act before it is too late.  It saddens me and all of us when we hear about another shooting.  I want to be part of the solution to this problem.  We have to look to increase the penalty for people who carry illegal firearms and have the intent to do harm to people.  This enforcement needs to send a message.

Improved Public Safety

The number one issue on the campaign trail has been public safety.  The last Police Cadet class was only 15 people which typically is 85.  Roughly 10% of our force retired and more are up for retirement each day.  We need our police to serve and protect.  We need a police force that is trained properly to eliminate implicit bias and enforce the law evenly.  I would ask that we raise the Police pay to be higher than the neighboring jurisdictions, to increase community policing to earn the trust of people to report if they see illegal activity.  We would like to see a $5,000 stipend for officers who live in the county and decrease the wait to take home a patrol car to 6 months from the current 18 months.  I pledge to keep our communities safe as well as try to find solutions to the late-night drag racing on our streets.

Capital Improvement Projects

This is another big issue and now is the best time to bring these up.  The infrastructure bill is making its way to the local level in 2023.  We need to get our fair share of this money.  There is so much we are behind on.  From upgrading downtown Damascus and making the town center more attractive so that businesses will want to open there.  To getting a new High School in Damascus, which is schedule to start in planning 2022-2023 school year.  To connect the whole district with better bike paths and sidewalks and add speedbumps in communities where we need to control the speed of traffic so our kids can walk safely to school.   We need to Move the Bus Depot!!!!!  We need to improve failing intersections such as 355 and 124 near Lakeforest Mall and 28 and 97 near Leisure World and make sure our traffic signaling system is upgraded to 21st century standards.

Tactful Development to Eliminate the Housing Crisis

We need housing at all levels.  Most importantly we need affordable housing so our teachers, fire people and police can live in the communities that they work in.  We need to develop land near Metro and highways to provide quick access to mass transit infrastructure to minimize the number of cars on the road.  I am proud to say I am a member of the Shady Grove MasterPlan implementation board, the only one who is running that is and we are going to work with the county to move the bus depot and have efficient development occur around the Metro to ease the amount of housing that will need to be built where we do not have the infrastructure to support it.

Economic Development

I am for hiring more Small Business Navigators. These people will be hired to get people’s ideas converted to open businesses as soon as possible.  The time it takes from securing a loan to opening a business is critical.  It is very challenging in this county to navigate all the regulations.  I hope to eliminate some of that hassle with people who will help small businesses get through the red tape.  We will have 3 or 4 of these navigators to assist specifically with disenfranchised and minority groups especially to help secure the necessary funding.  I do not think that the government should necessarily be in the small business lending business but if we find that certain groups are being alienated by the private sector we must do our part to help out.

Help Implement Environmental Policy

We have a great climate action plan but it needs to be implemented more rapidly.  We need to improve building standards including incentivizing solar panels or green roofing as well as minimizing natural gas usage, We implement and educate countywide composting standards.  Make Composting something that is taught and encouraged at a young age in schools throughout the county.  We need to install more butterfly gardens to that bees have a habitat to be strong and expand the population

Vote Andrew Einsmann District 7 County Council  Democratic Primary July 19th

Authorized by Friends of Andrew Einsmann, Ann Einsmann, Treasurer